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About us 

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Gluten Free, Vegan, Organic, Talc Free, and Cruelty Free

My Commitment to
a Gluten-Free Lifestyle


In 2014, Chamomile Studios owner, Amy, developed a severe sensitivity to gluten. "Looking back," she says, "I had issues for at least 30 years, it just got more severe the older I got." She developed other sensitivities to sugar, foods high on the FODMAP chart, poultry & more. Her doctors tried to put her on numerous medications, as they did not know what was wrong, which only masked her symptoms.


At the same time, she was developing sensitivity to cosmetics. Her eyeshadows, mascaras, and blushes brought endless irritation. She sought answers from a few medical professionals, but it wasn't until she talked to her gastrointestinal doctor that she found out that talc mimics gluten and gluten can be found hidden in many 

Because gluten can be found in mascara to make it a 'voluminous' product, and Talc is found in most pressed powders, blushes, and eyeshadows, Amy sought out other solutions. "Why not make my own cosmetics?"


Amy created her own cosmetics line called Cottage Cosmetics, which is gluten free, talc free, cruelty free, and most of the products are vegan and organic, as well, which allows her to use beauty products without worry and share them with the world. 

Amy knew she couldn't live without her beauty products, and she doesn't want anyone to struggle with sensitivities limiting their expression, so she also customizes her products for any clients' skin tone and natural features.

Cottage Cosmetics is waiting for you!

Amy Dornsife is a licensed Master Esthetician with 30 years of experience. She has been an International Educator for World Class Resorts for over 12 years, Spa Director for Resorts and Director of Education in Skin Care for many years. Amy has been a contributor for Skin Care Magazine Publications. She opened Chamomile Studios to share her passion and knowledge with you!

Why Shop with Us?


If you have any sensitivities to cosmetics, be sure to try Amy's formulations, whether it be ready to wear, Cottage Cosmetic's pre-made items, or her custom line of Cottage Cosmetics, made just for you and your skin tone!  

Gluten can be found in almost all commercial beauty products, and most consumers don't know that talc also mimics gluten. Talc is found in most pressed/loose powders, blushes, and eyeshadows. Large cosmetic companies say they are gluten free, because they don't have the knowledge and research. So if you are still having reactions to products, check to make sure there is no gluten (which can hide in ingredients like Vitamin E, fragrance and more), talc and free of the irritants that you know bother you!

Amy knows what shades look good on you, and can custom make it for you in her studio in Mount Dora, Florida or online via video chat, and ship the products right to your door!


Whether you are in her studio in the Sunshine state, on the California Coast, and anywhere in between, she will create the perfect formula to enhance your natural beauty. 

I have an allergy to gluten and stopped using beauty products and makeup because most are not gluten free. It was nice to go to a place they the owner KNOWS what she's talking about and sells truly safe products. My foundation is weightless and moisturizing and I love it!

- Andrea 12/22/19


My sister and I were visiting our father and discovered this gem of a studio. We both left with our custom foundation and lipstick and LOVE THEM!! The color match was perfect and I have received several compliments - even from a clerk in a store. Amy is the best!!

- Martha 03/14/20

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